Anant Shrivastava

Anant Shrivastava

Researcher | Trainer | Administrator (Ops) | Developer | Security Professional

  • 15+ years of corporate experience
  • 17+ years of training experience
  • Opensource project leader

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Twitter: @anantshri

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Anant Shrivastava is a highly experienced information security professional with over 15 years of corporate experience. He is a frequent speaker and trainer at international conferences, and is the founder of Cyfinoid Research, a cyber security research firm. He leads open source projects such as Tamer Platform and CodeVigilant, and is actively involved in information security communities.

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Anant Shrivastava is the founder of Cyfinoid Research. He has experience in Security (both offense and defense), Development, and Operations. He has a rich history of engagement with renowned conferences as both a trainer and a speaker, including BlackHat (USA, Asia, EU), Nullcon, and c0c0n, among others. Anant leads open-source projects, notably the Tamer Platform and CodeVigilant, and curates the Hacking Archives of India. When not engaged in official work, Anant contributes to open communities with a shared goal of spreading information security knowledge, such as the null community, Garage4Hackers, hasgeek, and OWASP.

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