Anant Shrivastava

Anant Shrivastava

Researcher | Trainer | Administrator (Ops) | Developer | Security Professional

  • 15+ years of corporate experience
  • 17+ years of training experience
  • Opensource project leader

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My 2 Paisa’s on Developers and Security Invited Talk with Developers January 2022
Keynote: My 2 Paisa’s on Infosec World DiverSecCon November 2021
Attacking Storage Services : the Lynchpin of Cloud Services HITB CyberWeek 2020 Red Team Village November 2020
Golang for Pentesters / RedTeamers c0c0n 12 September 2019
DevSecOps What Why and How? Black Hat USA August 2019
DevSecOps Automating Security in DevOps IPExpo Manchester 2019 April 2019
DevSecOps What Why and How? BlackHat ASIA 2019 March 2019
Cloud Pentesting workshop SACON 2019 February 2019
Down by the Docker NotSoSecure Webinar August 2017
Training: XTREME ANDROID EXPLOITATION LAB Nullcon 2017 February 2017
Null bhopal Sep 2016: What it Takes to Secure a Web Application Null Bhopal Monthly Meet September 2016
Android Tamer BH USA 2016 : Arsenal Presentation BlackHat USA 2016 July 2016
Arsenal Demo of Android Tamer BlackHat ASIA 2016 March 2016
Slides null puliya linux basics Null Meet Bangalore Chapter February 2016
SSL Pinning and Bypasses: Android and iOS Null Meet Bangalore Chapter November 2015
Exploiting publically exposed Version Control System Null Meet Bangalore Chapter August 2015
Understanding The Known: OWASP A9 Using Components With Known Vulnerabilities c0c0n 2015 August 2015
Deep Dive Android Workshop c0c0n 2015 August 2015
Tale of Forgotten Disclosure and Lesson learned Null Meet Bangalore Chapter May 2015
HTML5: Attack and Secure Private training for HTML5 Developers May 2015
Xtreme Android Exploitation Lab Nullcon 2015 February 2015
OWASP Bangalore : OWTF demo : 13 Dec 2014 OWASP local chapter meet December 2014
Owasp Mobile Risk Series : M4 : Unintended Data Leakage Null Meet Bangalore Chapter October 2014
Owasp Mobile Risk Series : M3 : Insufficient Transport Layer Protection OWASP local chapter meet September 2014
Owasp Mobile Risk M2 : Insecure Data Storage Null Meet Bangalore Chapter August 2014
My tryst with sourcecode review c0c0n 2014 August 2014
When the internet bleeded RootConf 2014 May 2014
Secure your Wordpress Null Bachaav Workshop November 2013
Android security workshop Ground Zero Summit November 2013
Snake bites : Python for Pentesters c0c0n 2013 September 2013
Workshop: Deep Dive Android c0c0n 2013 September 2013
Raspberry pi Beginners Session Null Meet Bangalore Chapter May 2013
Pocket me Rocket c0c0n 2012 August 2012
Android Hacking Village Nullcon 2012 February 2012
Android Tamer ClubHack 2011 December 2011
Security Issues in Android Custom ROM’s c0c0n 2011 October 2011
How to Setup A Pen Test Lab & How to Play CTF Null Meet Pune Chapter August 2011
Nessus Reporting Karma Null Meet Pune Chapter May 2011

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